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It has been a crazy spring, but now I will enjoy two whole weeks of vacation! On Monday I will head over to Italy for a week on a wine yard and then a few days in Firenze, ah can’t wait! Enjoying the warm weather in my Cecilie Copenhagen ensemble, now some sun. 


H&M Studio AW15

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Did you guys watch the live feed from H&M Studio Collections fashion show yesterday? I totally forgot about it last night, but thank god for I have really liked H&M’s premium collections, well first of all they are affordable but also so wearable. This year it was a obvious mix of moon landing and after ski chic. It is nice to see that so many of springs trends stick until autumn, and the collection included 70’s vibes and prints, culottes, material mixes, long knits, slits, whole white outfits, burgundy, earthy tones of brown and green, polos and the pairing of slacks with a long top. The jackets are fab, I could own the lot. My absolute favorite look is the long burgundy jacket with shiny burgundy pants. Good job H&M, quite a show!

Here’s the whole show! Enjoy!

H&M SS15 in stores

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Yass, new arrivals to H&M! I love this specific part of the Trend collection, as it is more subtle, clean and minimalistic from the rest of the 70’s inspired collection. I did look at the jackets (the brown texture one, yum!) in the store on Monday, the shirt in the 6th picture is on everybody’s blogs atm. I do love the color scale and choices of fabrics for this collection, the ribbed dresses are really nice and versatile. The white dress channels the Céline SS15 feeling as well.  But there’s this one piece I must buy from this collection and that is this dress:

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Well, first of all I’m not the biggest fan of bright colors and patterns, but dang I fell for this dress when I saw Sanna Tranlöv wearing it in January, I thought it was Marni’s but fortunately it is a cheaper version. I have to try it on first ofcourse, might be that I don’t feel comfortable in the color.

Last sales – Zara

So, the winter sales are comming to their end, for instance H&M announced that yesterday was their last day of sales. I visited H&M yesterday, haha, quite odd but they had put some of earlier sales items back to normal price?! That doesn’t make sense, my white Studio Collection t-shirt that I bought for 7€ was once again 34,95€… But yes, I went to Ülemiste’s Zara to check out the final sales. There was a lot of nice stuff, compared to Viru’s Zara which has 2-3 seasons old clothes left.
So here’s what I tried out:

I’ve been pending on this paisley pyjama shirt, it was only 12.99€ but I thought I don’t have much use for it because of the color. So it didn’t come home with me.

Next things that I tried on was a pair of blue “girlfriend” jeans. Yes, yes, you haven’t seen me wearing blue jeans in many many years. But I am actively looking for a pair highwaisted lose fit jeans, in blue. Preferably a pair of vintage Levis 501, but let’s see. These were nice and not spoiled with the price tag (16,99€), but not what I’m looking for right now. The white shirt on the other hand did come home with me, as I have it in black and I love it so much, on a generous -60% sale.

Okay, my best sales catch. A leather vest, which I’ve been drooling over a while. Original price 129,90€ and I got it for 25,99€! Very nice!

So, no more shopping for me for a while. The next purchase will be loafers and Levis 501!


Nighty! x

Bohemian chic

So, the Chloé campaign and SS15 show got all crazy about this bohemian chic style. Flowy dresses, tunics, sandals, beach hair and a nice 70’s vibe (which will follow us until next autumn), I want to be a Chloé girl this summer! The style is yet laid back and comfortable, but still flirty and girly with the maxi dresses and lace details.



Pictures: Chloé/

For a more affordable option, check out Free People! I’ve been eyeing Free Peoples websites for a while now, and oh well, I could buy the whole lot. As I’m not the biggest fan of maxi dresses ( looks good on others, not me) I love the shorter A-lined dresses. And one color to stock up on this spring is rust, which was much seen during the AW15 shows. Otherwise you should also check out Zara as some really nice pieces will start to drop in the stores during the next weeks!

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