My Wardrobe – #klädutmaning

Yesterday I spotted Christina‘s challenge and I thought this would be a fun idea (and a good excuse to clean my closet). So, the challenge is to count how much clothes you have! I must admit that I didn’t of course include everything (as I have 3 big IKEA bags with stuff to the flea market plus clothes scattered around in Finland and in the washingmachine etc) but I did count all the clothes I have at this very moment in my closet.

I thought that this would also be a good moment to show you some stuff from my collection of clothes. Well, first of all I just want to say that I have too much clothes. I try to get rid of stuff 1-2 times a year and I’m preparing myself for a day of selling at a flea market. My wardrobe consists of 5 “shelf-boxes” that never seem to close and some space where I hang some dresses or clothes that easily wrinkle.

So whats the outcome? Well, according to my approximate calculations:

~50 tops

~22 knits/sweaters

~ 14 pair of pants 

~ 12 shirts/skirts

~ 12 dresses

The sum of this party is 110, and it doesn’t include any outerwear or shoes. I think it’s a lot, but then again I don’t buy expensive clothes, most of my clothes are from H&M and Zara.

Okay, let’s look at some of my stuff! I have soo much clothes that I don’t use so I picked out some of my favorite pieces.

Here’s a part of my sneaker collection. These are my newest and most used sneakers, from the left Air Force 1 in black high tops and white low, Air Max 90,  Janoskis and leopard and suede Vans.

This is the prettiest and I think the most expensive dress I own, I wore it on a Great Gatsby themed party. From H&M Studio Collection two winters ago.

One of my absolute favorite pieces in my wardrobe is this set from Cecilie Copenhagen, can’t wait until summer so that I can wear the shorts together with the shirt.

Two sweaters that I don’t use that often that I should. The navy to the left is from the same H&M Studio Collection as the dress and the gray is from H&M x Alexander Wang. I’m considering selling the gray one, if you are interested send me a message.

You guys have seen my light gray faux fur jacket quite a lot, but when the weather starts to warm up I will switch to this thinner model from H&M Trend. The suit jacket I havent yet used, but I love the small blue stones.

The leather jackets. I love my leather jackets. The one to the left, I bought two years ago in Barcelona and the one to the right I bought 4-5 years ago in Paris. Some of my best purchases!

This kaftan or kimono from Monki, I bought it during Christmas sales. It is such a fun print and reminds me of Rodebjers first kaftans.

As I then felt a bit inspired, I styled myself a little with some of my favorites. Got a bit carried away, but I’ll show you some of the outfits.

I now challenge you!


Stockholm shopping

So, there was still some sales in Stockholm and I actually made a deal with myself that I have to buy everything on sale if possible. I have soo much clothes, so I can’t fit anything unecessary in my closet, so I focused on basics.



From &Other Stories I bought a nice black blouse with dots on, think it paired with a pair of waxed- or leatherpants and boots + a hat. I’ve been looking for a similar for a while, and it was -50% so why not. I also bought a basic grey oversized sweater thay goes with basically anything. I also bought a supernice body mist, Morrocan Tea, that I of course forgot on the boat. 😦


As I’ve mentioned before many many times, I never find jeans. So, I’ve now discovered that Bik Bok sell jeans that fit me! These two are super stretchy and fits my figure well. The quality is not that great, but two pairs of jeans for 60€ is not a bad price. I have a pair with zips already from Zara, but they are beginning to fall to pieces. The other pair is waxed and high-waisted.


Last but not least, a pair of Janoski’s! I’ve been pending between a pair of Janoski’s or Adidas Gazelle for a while, and these were on -50% in Caliroots. These are perfect for spring, love the black leather!

I’m really happy with my purchases, nothing unecessary and classical pieces.

Back home



Yesterday evening we returned home to Tallinn in order to celebrate New Years with our friends! Today, I’ve been looking through the sales, and didn’t find anything, which is okay. The sparkle jacket that I bought the other day in Helsinki, was 30€ cheaper here. Aaah, I hate when it happens, grr…

Cecilie Copenhagen

shirtO_01 shirtO_27 shirtO_31

My birthday gift to myself will be this sweater from Cecilie Copenhagen. I’ve been drooling over theirs products for hmm… a year?! I fortunately found the Zara version of the shorts in the spring, but I’ve decided to buy myself the sweater. I was a bit late with ordering, as the webshop emptied fast during the autumn. But any day now they should re-stock, and I hope to get my hands on this sweater, or the new model.