30 under 50€

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Well, I spend a lot of time surfing the internet to keep up with clothes that are in stores and soon to come to stores. I compiled you 30 pieces that cost less than 50€. I piled up a few summer essentials, colorful tops, dressed shirts, off shoulder tops, cropped pants and slip dresses. You might be all shocked of all the colors but this summer I’m totally hooked on orange and baby blue. I’m totally loving the batik piece, so Gucci resort 2017. Enjoy and happy shopping!










After two weeks of thesis proposals, exams, presentations and what feels like 500 essays, I spent a wonderful weekend together with Niklas and his parents who was visiting. After eating well, going early to bed and just enjoying Tallinn, I feel much more relaxed and so happy. Lovely weekend, hope you also enjoyed your weekend! x