Fat Ramen

Since last summer pho and ramen restaurans has been blooming in Helsinki. I have only so far tried Fat Ramen in Hietalahti foodcourt and Momotoko in Kluuvi. Fat Ramen is so far my favorite, but I’m truly intrigued to try out HKI+ and Lie Mi. Fat Ramen is driven by a couple of young chefs that make everything from scratch and by using fresh ingredients. Good value for money! Do you have any favorite ramen or pho places in Helsinki area? Feel free to share!




Today I went for lunch to Tokumaru with Martina and Aurora. Tokumaru is the new japaneese restaurant in Solaris shopping center, where you can mainly get different ramen soups and some sushi. They have a lunch offer of 4 makis and small ramen or small ramen and matcha cake for 6,30€. I took the latter one, and the small ramen is big enough for lunch and the cake was tasty. The ramen was good, but a bit bland, I think that based on the Instagram photos that a big ramen is more value for your money.

There has also opened up a burrito place in Solaris called Cerrito Burrito, I haven’t yet tried it but it is next on my list.