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Well, I spend a lot of time surfing the internet to keep up with clothes that are in stores and soon to come to stores. I compiled you 30 pieces that cost less than 50€. I piled up a few summer essentials, colorful tops, dressed shirts, off shoulder tops, cropped pants and slip dresses. You might be all shocked of all the colors but this summer I’m totally hooked on orange and baby blue. I’m totally loving the batik piece, so Gucci resort 2017. Enjoy and happy shopping!








Not so traditional office wear

Well, as I started my new work in February, I have been trying to make office wear a bit more fun. Most people perceive office clothes as a blouse and jacket and some kind of pants. Quite boring if you ask me. So I have been trying to personalize the “office look” to my liking and in order to show my personality through my clothing, which is very important to me. I see fashion as a fun thing, mix things up and think outside the box. What you are wearing tells quite a lot about yourself, but most importantly you really need to be comfortable in your clothes. I’m all about comfort! So here’s some outfits I compiled that I thought would be nice to wear to work;


This timeless pant suit from Banana Republic (Zalando.com) is a great piece to either dress up or dress down. I would match it with a plain white tee from Weekday and classic Old Skool Vans. If you need to dress it up, add a blouse or shirt underneath and a pair of patent leather shoes and your hair in a tight bun.



A more Parisian chic outfit for work, love this lambskin skirt from Lindex as it can be used for work or leisure time. The model is classic, short without being too short and easy to pair with a black, grey or white top, such as this black long sleeve from & Other Stores and long coat from Gina Tricot. And these shoes are everything, love the color blocking. Might have to place an order soon, also from & Other Stories. I think though that it is appropriate always to wear stockings to work.


Okay, these pants from H&M is everything. LOVE them. I bought them a month ago and I have used them since a bit too much. The grey color is perfect to pair with a light blue color, such as this shirt from Gant Rugger (the name is capri blue, ah!). Spice thing up with a pair of furry loafers from Boyy Copenhagen, which are not up everybody’s alley .



These striped pants from Banana Republic (Zalando.com) has been on my mind for a while, since they arrived to the showroom where I did my internship. The colors and fit of the pants is brilliant, and to dress them up, tuck in a nice twill denim shirt from Gant Rugger. I really like this leather jacket from Zara, even though it might not go as office wear, it goes as after work wear, hehe.



If you don’t want to dress up, but still office appropriate, a minimalist sleek look is the way to go. The dressed pants, college and t-shirt is from Weekday and shoes from Nike.



A bit more feminine look, dress from Gant Rugger, trench  and loafers from Zara and bag from Karl Lagerfeld (Zalando.com). I really like this dress a lot, such an easy garment to throw on when you have a clothing crisis.  And the bag, eye candy *heart eye emoji*.



Aaand a little trip back to the 70’s. I actually bough the suede jacket from Mango two weeks ago, can’t wait for the days to get warmer in order to use it. For a more experimental and fun office look, pair it with a striped shirt from Monki, pants from Weekday and shoes from & Other stories. Want to wear this look this spring!



The pants from H&M are so nice, had to use them twice. Here paired with a vest from H&M and t-shirt from Weekday. As you have probably noticed, bubblegum pink is THE color for autumn (Erhm Gucci AW16). Take a kick start with this lovely t-shirt, which btw looks nice with a little tan, and bring a little color to the overall grey scale in office clothing. The vest is super versatile, wear it with a white top underneath or for a more edgy look, wear it with a pair of leather pants.


Okay this might be more of a work-to-party look, haha, really liked the jumpsuit from Weekday. This silk bomber from Weekday satisfies my bomber-craving for this spring, not as masculine as the classic model. A fun bag to make the outfit more interesting, from Karl Lagerfeld (Zalando.com) and all black evil looking Birkenstocks.



Oh, another piece that I’ve been waiting for to hit the stores since the winter, this bright colored denim kimono from Lindex. Wear it with the belt or without, it is such a fun piece! Match it with a pair of blue jeans from Lindex and a pair of white Vans. This is quite casual but needed to show this kimono as it is so fab!

What do you think, is this office appropriate on a daily basis?





My Wardrobe – #klädutmaning

Yesterday I spotted Christina‘s challenge and I thought this would be a fun idea (and a good excuse to clean my closet). So, the challenge is to count how much clothes you have! I must admit that I didn’t of course include everything (as I have 3 big IKEA bags with stuff to the flea market plus clothes scattered around in Finland and in the washingmachine etc) but I did count all the clothes I have at this very moment in my closet.

I thought that this would also be a good moment to show you some stuff from my collection of clothes. Well, first of all I just want to say that I have too much clothes. I try to get rid of stuff 1-2 times a year and I’m preparing myself for a day of selling at a flea market. My wardrobe consists of 5 “shelf-boxes” that never seem to close and some space where I hang some dresses or clothes that easily wrinkle.

So whats the outcome? Well, according to my approximate calculations:

~50 tops

~22 knits/sweaters

~ 14 pair of pants 

~ 12 shirts/skirts

~ 12 dresses

The sum of this party is 110, and it doesn’t include any outerwear or shoes. I think it’s a lot, but then again I don’t buy expensive clothes, most of my clothes are from H&M and Zara.

Okay, let’s look at some of my stuff! I have soo much clothes that I don’t use so I picked out some of my favorite pieces.

Here’s a part of my sneaker collection. These are my newest and most used sneakers, from the left Air Force 1 in black high tops and white low, Air Max 90,  Janoskis and leopard and suede Vans.

This is the prettiest and I think the most expensive dress I own, I wore it on a Great Gatsby themed party. From H&M Studio Collection two winters ago.

One of my absolute favorite pieces in my wardrobe is this set from Cecilie Copenhagen, can’t wait until summer so that I can wear the shorts together with the shirt.

Two sweaters that I don’t use that often that I should. The navy to the left is from the same H&M Studio Collection as the dress and the gray is from H&M x Alexander Wang. I’m considering selling the gray one, if you are interested send me a message.

You guys have seen my light gray faux fur jacket quite a lot, but when the weather starts to warm up I will switch to this thinner model from H&M Trend. The suit jacket I havent yet used, but I love the small blue stones.

The leather jackets. I love my leather jackets. The one to the left, I bought two years ago in Barcelona and the one to the right I bought 4-5 years ago in Paris. Some of my best purchases!

This kaftan or kimono from Monki, I bought it during Christmas sales. It is such a fun print and reminds me of Rodebjers first kaftans.

As I then felt a bit inspired, I styled myself a little with some of my favorites. Got a bit carried away, but I’ll show you some of the outfits.

I now challenge you!

Trench coats for spring – Under 100€

IMG_7138-kopiera  trench_boyfriend_jeans_and_heels

Pictures: makeitlast.se/emmaelwin/ and google.com


From upper left: Asos.com/Asos.com/Weekday.com/Zara.com/Lindex.com


From upper left: Monki.com/Kappahl.com/Lindex.com/Weekday.com/Asos.com

 A classic trench coat is a wardrobe staple that every girl should own. It is so versatile yet clean, wear it with boyfriend jeans, a dress or slacks and sneakers! The most classic trench coat is of course Burberry’s or the more edgy variation from Burberry Porsum, but if you don’t feel like spending a couple months of rent on a jacket, here’s 10 trench coats for under 100€.

I fortunately found THE trenchcoat second hand last week, as I am super picky concerning the beige color. I’ve been looking for a beige trench coat for the last 5 years but I think that different brands offer really nice options this spring. They come in different shapes and lengths, and I really like the minimalistic trench coat with no buttons and a sleek look.

A trench coat doesn’t need to be beige, I also own a black one (I just love the Darth Vaderish feeling of swooping around with it). If you want a statement piece, go for the bright orange from Monki or the striped one from Asos, as they can brighten up any outfit. I would pair the orange one with a completely black or crisp white outfit. As seen above, Emma Elwin wears the black one from Kappahl that is made from sustainable materials, which I like very much, as you always should check what materials are used, because it tells a lot about the quality of the garment.

Happy shopping!