Thing I miss (eating) about Tallinn

Tallinn is THE perfect city for a student. Apartment prices are low, food is cheap and eating out is ridiculously affordable if you know where to go. Even though I’ve settled in Helsinki after living here for about 6 months, I long for some particular dishes from my favorite restaurants in Tallinn.


The pizzas from Pulccinella in the old town. This hidden gem is in the middle of the tourist mayhem, yet you can go and eat a GREAT buffalo mozzarella pizza without getting annoyed by drunken Finns. I mean, LOOK AT THAT PIZZA! It is the best pizza I’ve eaten outside Italy and only for about 10€.



Lendav Taldrik in the hip area of Telliskivi was one of my favorite places to go to eat a family styled meal with my friends. The restaurant offers Indian and Asian fusion dishes to an affordable price(5-10€), and the palak paneer is simply divine. The interior in the restaurant is interesting and industrial, but yet a place where you want to spend the evening and stuff your face with curry’s.


CARPACCIO! WHY CAN’T YOU FIND carpaccio in any restaurant in Helsinki? One of my favorite was from Kolm Sibulat (great place) or a scaled down version for 7€ could be found at Hetk (which is no longer open). Simple, three good ingredients, slob it with evoo and yes, food haven.


Last but definitely not least, Gotsu Koyuho’s Kitchens crispy, sticky, delicious, garlic and chili fried chicken. This is lethal, you WILL be addicted to this. And the kimchi. Sooo good! This gem is a short walk from the old town and only open on weekdays as it is more of a lunch restaurant, but it is always packed. They serve also bibimbap and other authentic Korean dishes. You will get the lunch of your life for 7€.



Lendav Taldrik Resto


Good evening! Today I officially tried out the restaurant Lendav Taldrik, which is situated in Telliskivi. I was there earlier on the Telliskivi-days, but it wasn’t officially opened back then.



Here’s my lovely dinner company, soo excited when I start taking photos, but everything needs to be documented!
But yes, for starters I ordered Lamb Samosas with mint-koriander sauce, yum! And an Estonian draft beer, it was very tasty, but it was a bit too strong flavoured to accompany my choice of food. Some steak would be a better pairing.



For main, we ordered different curries, chicken masala, kashimir lamb, palak paneer and calcutta chicken. It was sooo good! I had to unbutton my pants because I was so full, yummy! Absolutely the best Indian food I’ve had outside of London (haven’t been to India so), the palak paneer, spinach and indian cheese curry was delicious. The dishes are not expensive, starters are 2-5€ and mains 4,5-9,6€. I would definetly recommend Lendav Taldrik, there are vegeterian and vegan options aswell. Thumbs up!