Fat Ramen

Since last summer pho and ramen restaurans has been blooming in Helsinki. I have only so far tried Fat Ramen in Hietalahti foodcourt and Momotoko in Kluuvi. Fat Ramen is so far my favorite, but I’m truly intrigued to try out HKI+ and Lie Mi. Fat Ramen is driven by a couple of young chefs that make everything from scratch and by using fresh ingredients. Good value for money! Do you have any favorite ramen or pho places in Helsinki area? Feel free to share!


Piece n’ Love

The best pizza in Helsinki – Piece n’ Love on Uudenmaankatu. My favorite is the vegetarian with avocado salsa, cherry tomatoes, white sauce, pineseeds and chilimayo! You can also enjoy of Piece n’ Love’s pizzas in Hernesaaren ranta. 

Last week

Sorry for being absent from the blog, but I’ve been too busy! Some recap from last week:

I’ve been to the library…

A small trip to Kopli to check out Paavli Kaltsukas…

Tried out Kukeke in Telliskivi with Liina…

Enjoying the sunsets…

Baked a lemon curd tart with fresh strawberries…

One of my favorite dudes visited me this weekend… 

I mean look at that little face!!!

Sunday brunch at my favorite place, NOP..

Bough tulips for 1€ which brightens up the kitchen!

Today I spent my day in Helsinki on a job interview and running some errands.


On Monday, we left Tallinn for Helsinki, and Helsinki for Stockholm. We got these crazy cheap cruise tickets to Stockholm, so together with our neighbours we spent a day in Stockholm.
It was awfully stormy on the first night on the boat, so after a painful awakening we took the metro to Östermalmstorg, and ate breakfast in a small café called Borgs Brödbod in Östermalms foodmarket. They have nice salads aswell!


After that, shopping of course! As we were quite tired, we didn’t have that much energy for shopping, but we did cover the stores that can’t be found in either Tallinn or Helsinki, e.g. Urban Outfitters, &Other Stories, Caliroots, Topshop, Footlocker etc.




I will show you what I bought on sale when I get home, we still have a 2 hour ferry ride back to Tallinn ahead of us. Ugh, can’t wait to get home! You know when you’ve been onboard on a rocking boat (6m waves..) so it feels still like everything is rocking when walking! Ugh!


First day of vacation







I’m wearing; jacket&pants – Zara, hat – River Island, top – Weekday, Nike Air Force 1

Today I enjoyed my first official vacation day. I met up with dear Josefiina who is nowadays working in Turkey for some thrift shopping in Kaivarinkanuuna ( on Merikatu in Eira) and afterwards we went for a burger to Cafe Birgitta. The cafe opened this summer and is a lovley place to eat lunch or take a glass of wine in the summer, it’s right next to the sea on Hernesaarenrantakatu 3 and the burger was yummy! Now I’m waiting for my man to finnish work and then we’re gonna spend a relaxed weekend.






It has been a busy weekend but so much fun! On friday, Antonia hosted a party at her summer house in Sipoo, and yesterday two of my workmates had a housewarming party. I’m beginning to become a bit sentimental as the summer has come to (almost) its end and soon I’m going back to Tallinn and my friends returns back to their study countries. I’ve met and learnt to know so much nice new people and now it has come to it’s end. Or soon it will. Blaah, let’s enjoy the last weeks in Finland, then we’re going to Barca with Niklas for almost a week and then back to uni and all my Tallinn palls! That’s not so bad either 🙂