Yesterday me, Mette and Martina went for a nice dinner to Frenchy in Telliskivi. Frenchy is a french restaurant, quite small but yet trendy and fresh. I really like the restaurants in Telliskivi, as they are situated in old industrial facilitues, which makes it charming and interesting. So, back to Frenchy, the food was tasty and a good value for money ratio and the staff friendly. We shared a starter, a cheeseplate, charcuterie and some camembert cheese (8€ and 6€). Yum! As main I ate filet mignon (16€)with herbbutter and homecut french fries, the beef was delicious! Martina ate duck with cabbage and pumpkin and Mette ate a sallad with different meats. I really recommend this place, book a table during weekends.








Hello and good evening! I’m still spending 2 weeks of Christmas vacation, which means that I should write on my thesis but I’m trying to do some other necessary things first, or postponing. Well, first things first I’m trying to find a rhythmn. Today I took a soft start, did some writing during the day, then too many episodes of The Office and date night consisting of movie(Big Hero 6, amazingly good!!!!) and dinner at Del Gallo Nero! Tomorrow I will be a bit more efficient and post some recipes here aswell. Nighty!

Pre Fathers-day celebrations


Today, my dad came to visit us to Tallinn. We walked through Kalamaja to Telliskivi, and visited the saturday fleamarket and after that we went for lunch to F-hoone. I ate the falafel-feta burger and the boys ate the Furger and drank some local beers. I must say, that my previous experiences at F-hoone hasn’t been that good, after the first time I actually filed a complaint, but it was mainly because of the waiter. Now it was a super sweet girl who served us, and I’m happy!



After our lunch, we walked to the old town for coffee, and we ended up in Maiasmokk Kohvik, which is a well-known café in Tallinn.



Well, if anyone would ask me what I’ve done all week, I’d say I’ve been eating like a horse. Been totally spoiling myself and Niklas. For dinner today I made a yummy salad with crispy chorizo, avocado, olives, red onion and other things good. On thursday we celebrated that “hell week” was over, and we treated ourselves with some charcuterie, and yesterday the whole Indian feast. Gosh, I’m about to explode, next week more balanced diet haha! But you got to spoil yourself every once in a while, right? 🙂