The breakfast sandwich


Avocado, cured salmon and poached egg on a piece of toasted bread. Do I need to say any more?

Many might think that poaching an egg is hard, but it really isn’t. All you need is water, a splash of vinegar and salt, and of course egg. In a pot just add water, vinegar and salt, let come up to a simmer. The water should simmer not boil. Break the egg into a small bowl, and stirr the water until there is a whirl, then drop the egg. Let the egg cook in the water for about 3-4 minutes, then lift up and drain. 

Toast some nice bread, add butter, rucola, sliced avocado, gravalax and the poached egg. Topp off with salt and chiliflakes.


Last week

Sorry for being absent from the blog, but I’ve been too busy! Some recap from last week:

I’ve been to the library…

A small trip to Kopli to check out Paavli Kaltsukas…

Tried out Kukeke in Telliskivi with Liina…

Enjoying the sunsets…

Baked a lemon curd tart with fresh strawberries…

One of my favorite dudes visited me this weekend… 

I mean look at that little face!!!

Sunday brunch at my favorite place, NOP..

Bough tulips for 1€ which brightens up the kitchen!

Today I spent my day in Helsinki on a job interview and running some errands.

How to use your muffin tray for other things than muffins

I’m constantly trying on new things, and when I found a muffin tray on sale, I had to buy it. I think that it is the perfect tool to do indovidual small dishes, such as eggs, pancakes, soufflés, poached eggs, pies or gratins. Today I made small oven pancakes (in Swedish pannkaka or in Finnish pannukakku). They turned out sooo good, you have to try! 

Pancake batter:

-5 dl milk

– 2 eggs 

– 2,5 dl of all purpose flour (you can use any other flour)

– 50g of melted butter

– pinch of salt

– 1 tsp of vanillasugar

In a large bowl, add flour, salt and the sugar. Then add slowly some milk and whisk. Add then the eggs and melted butter. Let sit in fridge/room temperature for 30 min and then pour in buttered/oiled form(s) and bake 30 min in 200 degrees. 

Serve with whipped cream and jam. 

An other version I tried last week was parma ham and eggs. All you need is to wrap the ham in the form and breake an egg inside and bake in 200 degrees for 15 minutes. I personally thought the parma ham was too salty, so I would recommend bacon or regular ham. 

Saturday Brunch



Today we went with a big group of girlies for brunch to one of my favorite brunch places in Tallinn, NOP (köleri 1). They have a nice extensive brunch list with pancakes, scrambled eggs, bagel, yoghurt and smoothies. We ordered fresh squeezed juices, smoothies, health shots and enjoyed fresh and tasty food. I ate a salmon bagel (been craving it for soooo long)! Such a cosy place and good value for money! Their lunch is amazing aswell, you really should try this place out, you can take the 1 and 3 tram towards Kadriorg and jump off at Uus-Sadam (2 stops from Viru Keskus). And oh, did I mention that everything’s organic aswell?!




My day in pictures





My first stop today was at NOP, which is a lovely café/restaurant in Kadriorg (Köleri 1). We ate some brunch with the girls and drank smoothies, yum! I’m so glad I finally dragged myself there as I’ve heared so much good about this place, and I will definetly visit it again!

After the brunch I went quickly to some thrift shops on Narva Maantee, then to Hetk for the bloggersmarket, where some Estonian topbloggers sold their old clothes. I arrived a bit late so the best pieces had already been sold, but I found a really nice olive green &Other Stories t-shirt for a few euros.

The next task was to raid the local shops, in order to find a nice faux fur and a pair of pants (mission impossible in my case). I’ve been pending many years about bying a faux fur, and now I’m looking for some nice options.





The stripy and gray is from Bershka, black H&M and the brownish from River Island.

I usually don’t find so much in the stores as I like, because I spend hours everyday scrolling through webshops and different brands’ websites to see what’s new and comming to the stores. I seldom order anything online, but I’m too aware of what I want so I get dissapointed if the pieces don’t hit the store, which is actually quite often here in Estonia. It’s mainly depending on the fact that the demand is quite different here. But I bought a slit sweater from Zara that I’ve been eyeing for a while.



And todays comfy saturday outfit!