The breakfast sandwich


Avocado, cured salmon and poached egg on a piece of toasted bread. Do I need to say any more?

Many might think that poaching an egg is hard, but it really isn’t. All you need is water, a splash of vinegar and salt, and of course egg. In a pot just add water, vinegar and salt, let come up to a simmer. The water should simmer not boil. Break the egg into a small bowl, and stirr the water until there is a whirl, then drop the egg. Let the egg cook in the water for about 3-4 minutes, then lift up and drain. 

Toast some nice bread, add butter, rucola, sliced avocado, gravalax and the poached egg. Topp off with salt and chiliflakes.


Hash brown with crayfish and avocado


Crayfish and avocado topping:
– 150g of crayfish
– 1 big avocado or 2 smaller
– 1/2 red onion
– 1 chili
– juice of 1/2 lemon
– 1 tbsp of mayo
– 2 tbsp of sour cream

Slice avocado into cubes, chop chili and red onion. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and let sit in the fridge for 30 minutes.

For the hash browns, peel 4 mid sized potatoes, shred the potatoes with the smallest blade in the food processor, add a pinch of salt and pepper. Form the shredded potato into four patties, fry in butter on a hot pan and press them flat. Fry until crisp and golden! Serve with crayfish or avocado topping or fish roe and smetana.

Saturday Brunch



Today we went with a big group of girlies for brunch to one of my favorite brunch places in Tallinn, NOP (köleri 1). They have a nice extensive brunch list with pancakes, scrambled eggs, bagel, yoghurt and smoothies. We ordered fresh squeezed juices, smoothies, health shots and enjoyed fresh and tasty food. I ate a salmon bagel (been craving it for soooo long)! Such a cosy place and good value for money! Their lunch is amazing aswell, you really should try this place out, you can take the 1 and 3 tram towards Kadriorg and jump off at Uus-Sadam (2 stops from Viru Keskus). And oh, did I mention that everything’s organic aswell?!




Falafel burger with tzatsiki

I got a blender/food processor from my mom as an (early) birthday gift, as I was driven crazy by my former blender that didn’t do anything more than complain (even when doing smoothies). This though, has already exceeded all my expectations!


Tadaaaa here it is, it cost my mom 75€ and he will serve me for many many years (until I can afford a KitchenAid).

So today I improvised some falafel, this isn’t that traditional recipe but darn good:


– one can of chick peas
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 1 whole chili
– 1 small onion
– squeeze of lemon juice
– handfull of coriander (didn’t have fresh parsley at home)
– 5-6 big mint leaves
– 1 tsp of cumin
– 1 tbsp of paprica
– good pinch of salt
– 1,5 tbsp of flour

Chop roughly chili, garlic, onion and coriander (stalks and all). Drain chickpeas and dry off quickly. Add all ingredients to the food processor and blend, add flour and blend more. The consistency should be grainy not like a paste!

Form into small balls or patties and fry in a lot of oil (not olive oil) until browned and crispy.

I did it as an burger with avocado, tzatsiki, onion, cucumber, tomato and lettuce as garnish, yum!!



Goatscheese salad


What you need(for two):

– 2 discs of goatscheese
– 1 red paprica
– 1/2 yellow paprica
– salad leaves
– 1/2 large avocado
– 1 tomato
– pine nuts
– drizzle of honey
– pepper
– balsamico

Start with heating up a oven to 220 degrees, put halved papricas on a baking tray and rub with olive oil and skin faced up. Roast until full with dark spots and skin bubbly (about 20-30 min). Plate up some salad, slice tomato and avocado, drizzle with evoo. Roast about 3 tbsp of pine nuts on a dry pan until golden. When the peppers have cooled down a bit, simply peel them and slice. Drizzle goatscheese with honey and ground pepper, then put in a 250 degree oven for 5 min. I usually put the goatscheese on small coffee plate so it doesn’t start to spread all over the place, haha a homecooks tip! Then just add the goatscheese to salad, drizzle with balsamico and add pine nuts. Voilà!


3 course dinner

This is a simple and tasty menue for a three course summer dinner. The key is to do the most mise en place before in order to get the food out quickly. Count that one person eats maybe 2-3 perch filés depending on size.


Garlic and chili marinated prawns with avocado sallad and lime aioli


Prep: peel the prawns, and place in a bowl. Chop one chili and 2 cloves of garlic and add to the prawns, drizzle some olive oil and salt the prawns. Put on foil and let chill in the fridge. Just before serving, chop the salad, slice the avocado and then fry the prawns for 1min per side until pink.

Lime aioli: in a blender, add one egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of mustard and some salt, put on blender and slowly drizzle in about 1dl of oil (olive or other). Add in the end some lime cest and 1/2 lime juice.

Main course:

Butter fried perch with new potatoes and pea puré


Prep: wash the potatoes.
(5min)Pea puré: put on a small scillet with water and wait until it boils. Add 200g of frozen peas to the boiling water and let boil for 2-3 minutes. Drain and add peas to a blender, add 1 tbsp of butter and 2dl of cooking cream, season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Mix until it’s a smooth puré.

Boil the potatoes until soft, then add a bit of butter, salt, pepper and parsely to the potatoes and stirr.
In a pan, warm up a nob of butter and a little olive oil, and when the pan is really hot, put in the perch filés and fry for 1min per side, season with salt and pepper.


Daim cookies



What you need:

200g soft room temperatured butter
2 dl sugar
4 tablespoons of light syrup (molasses)
1,5 teaspoons of baking powder
1 teaspoon of vanillasugar
4 dl of flour
Two 85g Daim bars

Put the oven on 200 degrees. In a bowl, mix the sugar and butter, then add syrup and mix well. Mix all the dry ingredients, and add gradually to the bowl. When the dough is even, chop some Daim into small chunks and add. Divide the dough into two long pieces and flat it out slightly (it spreads in the oven)on a baking tray. Bake for about 10 min(they are supposed to be a bit doughy in the middle), let cool slightly and then cut into pieces. Serve with coffee or vanilla bean ice cream yum!