Cinque Terre – Riomaggiore


On the second day we drove to the coast to Cinque Terre. The road there was astonishing, and the village as well . On this particular day it was about 40 degrees, but we managed to walk around for a few hours and eat lunch at a really nice Michelin restaurant. I ate fresh tuna which was really good! 

We drove back to the wine yard and ate dinner at the restaurant there. During the trip, the best food I ate was at the restaurant on the wine yard. Super delish! 




Hello and good evening! I’m still spending 2 weeks of Christmas vacation, which means that I should write on my thesis but I’m trying to do some other necessary things first, or postponing. Well, first things first I’m trying to find a rhythmn. Today I took a soft start, did some writing during the day, then too many episodes of The Office and date night consisting of movie(Big Hero 6, amazingly good!!!!) and dinner at Del Gallo Nero! Tomorrow I will be a bit more efficient and post some recipes here aswell. Nighty!

Il Gallo Nero


A couple of weeks ago, we tried this small antipasti place called Il Gallo Nero on Ratasekaevu. It’s a small wine and delicacy shop, but they have a couple of tables where you can enjoy some Italian wines, cheeses and cured meat – absolutely to my liking. The owner is Italian, and he imports all the goods directly from Italy, and woah the meat and cheese platter was absolutely amazing, and it only cost 16€ for two persons! I warmly recommend this place, I’m going back there tomorrow because I’m totally addicted to the Mortadella from Bologna. You can buy some cured meats to take home aswell!