10 things you didn’t know about me

Okay, some new readers has found their way here so I thought I could tell some (unnecessary) things about myself!

1. I’ve always wanted to do one of these but I’ve felt stupid when doing it, haha!

2. I actually started my first fashion blog back in 2006, but back then I lived in a small town and my classmates started to comment mean stuff on it so I deleted it. But now I know better not to listen to other people, go with your own flow 🙂 I was Elin Klings BIGGEST fan back then haha!

3. I tend to get awfully addicted to mobile games. Whatever it is (nice grafics and colors), I will play it until my boyfriend gets mad and forces me to delete the app. But I very rarely touch a Playstation or whatever.

4. I had actually only been once to Tallinn before moving here. And the move was quite spontanious aswell, I studied in Helsinki, but decided to apply because my mom suggested it. Submitted my papers a day before deadline and two weeks before the school started I got the message that I got in. Good desicion!

5. I really don’t like London as a city. Too much stress, hurry and it feels so dirty.And too much people.

6. I don’t like medieval stuff like Games of Thrones because they’re always displayed as everything is brown. I really don’t like brown movies or series, I like colors.

7. I have tried on basically every sport there is; football, badminton, tennis, swimming, futsal, running, street hockey, basket ball, dancing… But I liked tennis and football the most, which I kept doing for the longest time. I would like to start playing tennis again.

8. I haven’t always had an interest for food. It mostly functioned as a fuel, but when I moved away from home I really started to like to try new things and since I’ve become a sucker for good food.

9. If this business thing doesn’t work out for me, I will probably go to Asia to learn cooking from some old granny and become a chef. Maybe start an own little restaurant. You never know 🙂

10. I could really see myself as a shop owner. Import some exclusive brands and have a small boutique with a small table with chairs in front of it where I drink my morning coffee (should start drinking coffee first).

Thursday is the new friday



Crispbread smashed avocado, boiled egg, Herbamare and black pepper. Yum!

Good afternoon people! Still laying in bed, powering up for a new day. Had a short school week, and I’m already on weekend-mode. Yesterday we went to see “Let’s be cops” which was super funny and afterwards we went for a few drinks to Paar Veini. Tonight I’m going to an indian dinner to one of my friends, so I’m going to search for some asseccories for my costume. Have a great weekend peeps! 🙂


Gloriés and El Born











Today we decided to walk to Gloriés, as we liked the area so much when we lived there last year. Aand partly because I think they have the best Zara in town hehe. From Gloriés, we walked to El Born for a late lunch and afterwards we wondered around that area for a while. One awesome restaurant in El Born is Casa Delfin, we ate dinner there last year and it was muy bien. Soon we’re going fore some drinks and tapas to a place near by, and tomorrow we change to another hotel. So, to sum it up, errthings good with us, enjoying every minute! 🙂