Preparing for the autumn


     One of the positive things with a rainy summer is the fact that the forrests are full with berries and mushrooms. I’ve been mushroom picking during the last week and also stocking up the freezer with blueberries. Yum! The second positive thing is that eventhough I’ve been working a lot, it doesn’t feel like I’ve missed anything. There haven’t been so much happening in the city, so I’ve been staying at home with a good consciense. Last week though I had the opportunity to attend Jook Joint Shipmate’s little cruise in Helsinkis archipelago, where some of my friends played some nice tunes and we got to enjoy drinks by Absolut’s bartenders. 

I’m going to be working two jobs this autumn and finishing my thesis so I will be needing all the energy I have. Next week I will start working as a intern at Polhem Pr, which is a dream come true! Hopefully in beginning of September we will move to Helsinki with Niklas to our own appartment and finishing school in November. 


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