Preparing for the autumn


     One of the positive things with a rainy summer is the fact that the forrests are full with berries and mushrooms. I’ve been mushroom picking during the last week and also stocking up the freezer with blueberries. Yum! The second positive thing is that eventhough I’ve been working a lot, it doesn’t feel like I’ve missed anything. There haven’t been so much happening in the city, so I’ve been staying at home with a good consciense. Last week though I had the opportunity to attend Jook Joint Shipmate’s little cruise in Helsinkis archipelago, where some of my friends played some nice tunes and we got to enjoy drinks by Absolut’s bartenders. 

I’m going to be working two jobs this autumn and finishing my thesis so I will be needing all the energy I have. Next week I will start working as a intern at Polhem Pr, which is a dream come true! Hopefully in beginning of September we will move to Helsinki with Niklas to our own appartment and finishing school in November. 


New in H&M Trend

You might remember me being awfully obsessed by a white caftan like shirt from Rodebjer last summer?! Well, this spring H&M did a more afforable version, and I had to get it. It was a blessing in disguise when it didn’t come in time for Italy, because it a) easily gets wrinkly b) not easy to iron. I’m going to pair it with leather shorts or my Levi’s jeans this summer! 

Cinque Terre – Riomaggiore


On the second day we drove to the coast to Cinque Terre. The road there was astonishing, and the village as well . On this particular day it was about 40 degrees, but we managed to walk around for a few hours and eat lunch at a really nice Michelin restaurant. I ate fresh tuna which was really good! 

We drove back to the wine yard and ate dinner at the restaurant there. During the trip, the best food I ate was at the restaurant on the wine yard. Super delish! 

Toscana – Pisa & San Miniato



So my vacation is unfortunately over and tomorrow I’m going back to work. The last week in Italy had been absolutely fantastic, the weather and food has been amazing! Last Monday we flew together with my boyfriends family to Pisa, where we spent the day sightseeing and adjusting to the heat. Your body is experiencing quite a shock if you are used to 15 degrees and then hop in to a toasty 35-40 degrees and full sun. But I really can’t complain, it was really nice to have some heat. 

After our day in Pisa, the next destination was the wine yard where we were going to stay for four nights. The wineyard was in the middle of basically nowhere in between Pisa and Firenze in a small town called San Miniato. The wine yard was super cosy house with a few rooms and guest houses, pool and restaurant on top of a hill. The wine yard is family owned and they produce some nice redwines such as Chianti and Merlot, but also olive oil. 

There was a lot of smaller villages near by and we had dinner in the neighbour village the first night. The restaurant was called 4 Gigli and the restaurant itself was stunning, it had a view over the mountains. The food was mediocre but the view made up for it.