Thrift shops in Tallinn

Let’s start with my favorite thrift shop, Humana in the corner of Tartu Mnt  across the street from Stockmann. I have made my best finds here, and they import the clothes from the UK and US.  The other Humanas in the city center are shabby with not so much good clothes. I found three pairs of Levis jeans and a nice Italian tailor made trench coat here. They have happy hours and every second week sales, such as 2€ or 1€ days! Today they had some nice stuff aswell: 

Super trendy printed dress! With small modifications this would be cool.

A nice printed jump suit!

They tend to have a lot of retro biker jackets, like this one!

Nice trench coat!

Men’s Hugo Boss trench.

The other thrift shop that I usually find something in is  USA Today, on Narva Mnt ( Uus Sadam tram stop) . They import clothes from the US, and you might find jerseys, coats, childrens clothes or shoes. Today I didn’t find anything special though. 

A more upscaled thrift shop if Fankadelik in the old town on Vana-Viru street. It is a bit pricier but you can find really nice designer pieces. 

In Telliskivi, there is a flea market every Saturday. During the winter it is inside and in the summer outside. You can go there and sell your clothes yourself, a table cost 10€ and you register online. We were there last spring with Niklas selling our stuff, and we are going probably again this spring. 

Next week I will go to Paavli Kaltsukas, which is the biggest flea market in Tallinn, located in Kopli. You can get there by tram, but I advise you to be carefull if you don’t know your way around because Kopli can be a bit sketchy.  


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