H&M SS15 in stores

hmprod (1)   hmprod (4) hmprod (5) hmprod (6) hmprod (7) hmprod

Pictures from HM.com

Yass, new arrivals to H&M! I love this specific part of the Trend collection, as it is more subtle, clean and minimalistic from the rest of the 70’s inspired collection. I did look at the jackets (the brown texture one, yum!) in the store on Monday, the shirt in the 6th picture is on everybody’s blogs atm. I do love the color scale and choices of fabrics for this collection, the ribbed dresses are really nice and versatile. The white dress channels the Céline SS15 feeling as well.  But there’s this one piece I must buy from this collection and that is this dress:

hmprod (2)Unknown

Pictures HM.com and http://sannatranlov.freshnet.com/

Well, first of all I’m not the biggest fan of bright colors and patterns, but dang I fell for this dress when I saw Sanna Tranlöv wearing it in January, I thought it was Marni’s but fortunately it is a cheaper version. I have to try it on first ofcourse, might be that I don’t feel comfortable in the color.


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