Last sales – Zara

So, the winter sales are comming to their end, for instance H&M announced that yesterday was their last day of sales. I visited H&M yesterday, haha, quite odd but they had put some of earlier sales items back to normal price?! That doesn’t make sense, my white Studio Collection t-shirt that I bought for 7€ was once again 34,95€… But yes, I went to Ülemiste’s Zara to check out the final sales. There was a lot of nice stuff, compared to Viru’s Zara which has 2-3 seasons old clothes left.
So here’s what I tried out:

I’ve been pending on this paisley pyjama shirt, it was only 12.99€ but I thought I don’t have much use for it because of the color. So it didn’t come home with me.

Next things that I tried on was a pair of blue “girlfriend” jeans. Yes, yes, you haven’t seen me wearing blue jeans in many many years. But I am actively looking for a pair highwaisted lose fit jeans, in blue. Preferably a pair of vintage Levis 501, but let’s see. These were nice and not spoiled with the price tag (16,99€), but not what I’m looking for right now. The white shirt on the other hand did come home with me, as I have it in black and I love it so much, on a generous -60% sale.

Okay, my best sales catch. A leather vest, which I’ve been drooling over a while. Original price 129,90€ and I got it for 25,99€! Very nice!

So, no more shopping for me for a while. The next purchase will be loafers and Levis 501!


Nighty! x


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