On Monday, we left Tallinn for Helsinki, and Helsinki for Stockholm. We got these crazy cheap cruise tickets to Stockholm, so together with our neighbours we spent a day in Stockholm.
It was awfully stormy on the first night on the boat, so after a painful awakening we took the metro to Östermalmstorg, and ate breakfast in a small café called Borgs Brödbod in Östermalms foodmarket. They have nice salads aswell!


After that, shopping of course! As we were quite tired, we didn’t have that much energy for shopping, but we did cover the stores that can’t be found in either Tallinn or Helsinki, e.g. Urban Outfitters, &Other Stories, Caliroots, Topshop, Footlocker etc.




I will show you what I bought on sale when I get home, we still have a 2 hour ferry ride back to Tallinn ahead of us. Ugh, can’t wait to get home! You know when you’ve been onboard on a rocking boat (6m waves..) so it feels still like everything is rocking when walking! Ugh!



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