Estonian bloggers to watch

I think that most of you are all well acquainted with all of the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian bloggers, but also the more international English and American bloggers. I try to find new blogs everyday to follow, and even though my Estonian is pretty weak (they do have English translations), I like to read Estonian blogs, maassa maan tavalla, am I right? Here are some of my favorites;

Anna Elisabeth


Pictures taken from

Super sweet girl who mostly blogs about clothes and beauty. Her blog is one of the most known in Estonia and I enjoy all the pretty pictures and outfits!

Mari-Liis Suvi


Picture taken from

Cute girl who blogs about clothes, outfits, everyday life, some beauty and her ridiculously cute dog.

Helene Vetik 

helene_look_philips_moschino2Picture from (Helene Vetik)

In this blog you can read about design, fashion, inspiration maybe from a more hipster viewpoint! I love that the blog is so colorful and well made, well you can’t expect less from an graphic designer.

Aljona Sokolovskaja


Picture from

Here’s a blog particularly to my taste, some business and some pleasure. Clothes, fashion and some stories of how it is to work in a PR agency.

Britta Talving


Picture taken from

Britta is blogging about clothes, inpiration and fashion, and she is always impressing with cool outfits. She’s writing completely in English so it is easy for you non-Estonian to follow!

So, here’s some new blog to add to your Bloglovin’ readinglist!


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