How to eat healthier breakfast


I’ve really never cared about breakfast when I was a kid. Breakfast meant soggy Wetabix or a toast with cheese, always as painfull to eat. In highschool I pretty much skipped breakfast every day, but nowadays I never leave home before breakfast.

Breakfast tips;
– skip the white bread – fast carbs make you sleepy! Eat rye crispbread or ryebread for breakfast, or rice cakes. It doesn’t only make your stomach work, but it keeps the energy level stable and it’s more filling than white bread.

– put lettuce, cucumber, tomato, paprica, radishes, avocado and pinach on your bread! I don’t believe in only eating vegetables on your bread, I always put a healthy layer of butter and cheese/ham/egg. Use vegetables to make it more interesting.

– spice up your yoghurt! If you don’t like natural or greek yoghurt, buy one without a lot of sugar. I make my own nut-dried fruit-chia mixture to put on my breakfast yogurt. I use unpeeled almonds, cashew, raisins, goji and chia, but really the sky is the limit! If you like granola, make some or buy a sugarfree option! Here in Estonia you can find a glutenfree granola with roasted peanut and coconut, it is dangerously good!

– eat porridge! If you don’t like the taste, top with fruits and berries and nuts.

– skip sugary juices, drink tea instead! I drink mate tea or a cup of sencha in the morning. Green tea has a clensing property, so drink a lot of it!


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