Lendav Taldrik Resto


Good evening! Today I officially tried out the restaurant Lendav Taldrik, which is situated in Telliskivi. I was there earlier on the Telliskivi-days, but it wasn’t officially opened back then.



Here’s my lovely dinner company, soo excited when I start taking photos, but everything needs to be documented!
But yes, for starters I ordered Lamb Samosas with mint-koriander sauce, yum! And an Estonian draft beer, it was very tasty, but it was a bit too strong flavoured to accompany my choice of food. Some steak would be a better pairing.



For main, we ordered different curries, chicken masala, kashimir lamb, palak paneer and calcutta chicken. It was sooo good! I had to unbutton my pants because I was so full, yummy! Absolutely the best Indian food I’ve had outside of London (haven’t been to India so), the palak paneer, spinach and indian cheese curry was delicious. The dishes are not expensive, starters are 2-5€ and mains 4,5-9,6€. I would definetly recommend Lendav Taldrik, there are vegeterian and vegan options aswell. Thumbs up!




Västerbotten ost


I was so excited to find Västerbotten cheese in Stockmann yesterday! This cheese brings back so much memories, you have no idea. My first memory with this cheese, was waay back when I still lived in Tammisaari with my family. We lived in a large house in the old town, and there was this extended part of the house that usually was rented during summers before someone bought it. One summer, there was this Swedish family renting it. The family had four children in about the same age as me and my sisters, and we used to play together. I became really good friends with the middle child, Felicia, and we did a lot of stuff together during summers. We actually still keep in touch and I’ve been to Stockholm a couple years back to visit her. So, I remember that they’ve brought this wonderful cheese from Sweden and I got to taste it. Last time I ate it was in 2011. So, along with this I remembered  that I sometime in 2004 or 2005 took a picture of our balcony (with my first camera phone hehe) in the old house, right before we moved. I still dream about this house a lot, my dream is to some day buy it back and make it our summer place. I did some serious searching of my external hard drive to find this picture, but I’m so happy I found it.



Grilled Västerbotten sandwich with avocado:

You need:

  • 2 sliced of toast
  • 4 sliced of Västerbotten cheese
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 sliced of parma ham or proscuttio
  • tabasco for seasoning
  • butter

Butter the bread, add Västerbotten on both slices, put on the ham and slice the avocado and add. Drizzle on some Tabasco or pepper and squish the bread together tightly. In a hot frying pan, add butter and fry the bread for 2-3 min per side so that the cheese melts and it gets crispy.


Small things in life

So, last week I finally kicked my self on the bum and ordered the Tallinn public transportation card!!!! Well, I’ve been living here for over two years, and yes, been using the services illegally hehe even though they’re for free for Tallinn residents. But now I have it and I’m so excited! I’m gonna do a small field trip on Friday, wihiii!