Restoran V






Today we decided to try out Restoran V, which is a vegan restaurant on Ratasekaevu in the old town. The restaurant has been highly promoted and recommended by many magazines and my friends, and I understand it. The restaurant is small and idyllic, and the staff is helpfull and kind. The food was reeeaally tasty, especially the snack plate, but also all the main dishes. I ate potato and bean dumplings with sweet potato mash and mustard sauce (which was the most expensive item on the menu 7,80€) but I would recommend either the lentil meatball and pasta or chickpea burger or coconut yams curry. We also drank the homemade iced tea which was delicious and tried one if the raw cakes. Just a small tip, the cake pieces are HUGE, so I would recommend to share one piece. This is a must-try when in Tallinn, but make sure to book a table for lunch/dinner because the restaurant is very popular!





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