Coconut chia pudding



Chia pudding is one of the most healthy and easy things to eat in the morning as it can be prepared the day before. Chia seeds contains a lot of omega 3, fibres and protein. You can add the seeds to porridge, smoothies or when baking bread, but I like to make a pudding that sits over night, either with regular milk or almond milk. Today though, I decided to do it with coconut milk and some coconut flakes to make it more thick, so what you need is (for 4 portions);

– 1 can (4dl) of light coconut milk (no added sugar etc)
– 2 dl of regular milk/almond milk/soy milk
– 3 tbsp of roasted coconut flakes (sweetened)
– some vanilla extract/vanillasugar
– 6-7 tbsp of chia seeds

Simply add everything to a bowl and mix well. Let sit in the frigde for 20 minutes and stirr again, then let sit over night (covered with plastic foil) and voilà! Serve with mango, pineapple, raspberries or other fruit.

Sould look a bit like this (pic taken from




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