An ace up my sleeve


On Valentines day, we went to Lusikas for dinner. I ordered for appertizer scallops with peapuré and chorizo, which blew my mind! The sweetness of the puré and scallops together with the spicyness of the chorizo, YUM! As it seemed like a easy dish to cook, I decided to try it at home, and this might be the easiest and fastest appertizer ever! Takes about 15 minutes seriously!

So what you need is;

-scallops (would say 3-4 medium sized per eater)
-frozen peas (about 2-3 dl)
-cooking cream
-chorizo (for two 1/4 of a 200g sausage is more than plenty)
-freshly ground black pepper

First, start with chopping up the chorizo into some fun shape, I usually do some sticks, fry it on a dry pan until crisp, then set aside. Put on some water for the peas and wait for it to boil. Add peas to the boiling water and let boil for about 2-3 minutes, then take it of the heat and strain. Heat up a large pan for the scallops, make sure it is really hot when putting in the scallops and don’t overcrowd the pan. Fry the scallops in a nob of butter for 1-2 min per side (depending on size, do not overcook them!!!). While the scallops are frying, add peas and a tablespoon of butter to a blender or food processor, mix it to a smooth paste while slowly adding about 0,5-1dl cream. It should be a smooth and silky puré, not a porridge. Season both scallops and peapuré with salt and pepper. Then plate up, serve with a wedge of lemon and voilá!


Not my best plating but, haha.



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